Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Charlton 34th in all time league table

Charlton are 34th in an all time league table based on a points per game ranking devised by the Fink Tank for The Times. Rounding up, they have on 35% of their matches, lost 42% and drawn 24% matches so Charlton fans have been accustomed to defeat as it happens in almost every other match.

'Boro are 33rd and Bury are 35th. Liverpool occupy the top slot, followed by Newton Heath and Arsenal. Other London clubs ahead of Charlton are Spurs (7th), Chelsea (14th), Wimbledon (27th), Brentford (30th) and West Ham United (31st). Crystal Palace are 53rd and Millwall 54th, while Leyton Orient are below Glossop in the bottom slot.


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