Thursday, December 29, 2005

Clear out to buy Ashton?

Charlton will put Dennis Rommedahl, Jason Euell, Kevin Lisbie, Jonatan Johansson, Jon Fortune and Shaun Bartlett up for sale to raise money for Norwich striker Dean Ashton, says the Daily Mirror. The Canaries have apparently put a £7.5m price tag on the head of Ashton - who is also a major target for the Massives. It is also claimed that Charlton will sign Saints 'keeper Antti Niemi. Perhaps there is something in rumours that Deano's house is on the market.

Most fans would subscribe towards a one way ticket to the Championship side of his choice for JJ and Lisbie, while Euell has contributed very little for a long time. Fortune and Bartlett are more marginal cases, but I would keep Rommedahl and use him regularly. Apparently, he was in the line up for the postponed match against the Barcodes.

I think that Ashton is one of the best lower league strikers on offer. Lee Trundle might find the gap too wide to easily bridge and I think that Earnshaw is overrated.

Controversy continues about the postponement of the game at St.James's Park. The decision was taken by the Safety Officer and a key consideration was the safety of the stands and the roads around the ground which apparently had not been gritted. More bad weather was forecast with the temperature falling to -5 degrees centigrade, leading to even more treacherous conditions.

The real question is why the decision wasn't taken earlier, not that that would have helped the travelling Addickted, and why the match was scheduled then in the first place. The club should consider giving free travel to the rescheduled match for those who made the journey, an idea that has the support of Rick Everitt.

Anyway, Paul May texted me to say he was having a great night out.


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

If the rumours are true that Romm is up for sale then this is very disturbing. He is an enourmous talent, who should be part of the core of the team, not an also ran bit part. Curbs does not seem to understand how to work with flair players, if we cannot manage the likes of Romm then we may achieve at times but we will never consistently be able to turn out attractive teams.

As to the postponement last night, its nice to hear that Councillor Rick is supporting the payment of travel for those fans that went to the game only for the late cancellation. Maybe he should stand for Supporters Director and carry the argument from within the board room. I understand that supporters Director candidate Brian Cole was thwere for teh postponement announcement.

12:08 PM  
Blogger beauzo said...

Romm, Euell, Lis, JJ, (ill)Fortune and Charlie Bartlett that should leave just the £7mill for Mr Murray to find if your price for Ashton is close. Only joking. One way Mr M won't be raising the money is £35 ticket prices. The failure to get close to a sell out versus the Hammers is another clear sign that demand for Charlton games is price sensitive. Don't you think the club looks foolish when including all season ticket 'sales' in the match Attendance figures? Empty seats all around for all home games since November.

11:53 AM  

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