Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Are Charlton more naff than Huddersfield?

St.Andrew's Fife: Here in Scotland's golfing capital I am constantly being approached by people asking me to explain what has gone wrong at Charlton. Fortunately, I was in Lapland for what was apparently a woeful surrender to Wigan. The mood among the Addickted was very gloomy after the victory against Sunderland because of the way we endangered a lead through overly defensive tactics. For the first time ever, there is a question mark in my mind about whether Curbs will still be with us at the end of the season or at the beginning of next season.

How do I explain my title? Consider this scene. An expensive golf resort hotel near St.Andrew's, among them a Huddersfield Town supporter. A group of people running up a three figure bar tab. Among them a thirty something friend of mine who has always been sceptical about my Addicktion. 'Retro identity myth', 'never had a London accent in your life', 'down market club' and 'awful pub' are among the phrases that come to mind. But in general my impression has been that she just saw my Addicktion as evidence of yet another character deficiency on my part.

But obviously she has been doing her research, sensing that this was a vulnerable time for anyone Addickted. 'Hey, has anyone seen Wyn's blog?', she suddenly asked. And she constructed a neat little scenario. Supposing, she said, one was offered a mystery tour on the Rickshaw, taken to a restaurant in Kent and asked to sit with a table of Charlton supporters. That would be even more naff than supporting Huddersfield Town.

And I didn't have an adequate response, any more than I had an answer this morning to people who asked me about the slump in confidence in the team. The usual answers about a poor defence, although part of the story, no longer suffice. Where we go from here is something I need to reflect on further.


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

I'd ditch her if I was you Wyn

3:28 PM  
Blogger Wyn Grant said...

Nothing to ditch, just a challenging friend who despite a professed lack of interest in football who can see Charlton are on the ropes

4:16 PM  
Blogger Ken J said...

Wyn: Perhaps you could play the lady out of position and thus render her ineffective. Curbs does it all the time and it obviously works - ouch!

6:38 PM  
Blogger Glyn said...

Wynn, I always look to you to get things in proportion, take the long-term view etc. So get a grip and tell her to stop using the word 'naff', we all know Charlton are on an historic high and that Curbs will arrest our current decline soon after the Arsenal game. Glyn.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Wyn Grant said...

Point taken, but I have been getting it large here in St.Andrew's on Charlton and other matters - and a Costa Coffee shop is not the best place for mature reflection. But these slumps are happening too often and go on for too long.

11:48 AM  

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