Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nathan Ellington rumours revive

Rumours of a Charlton interest in Nathan Ellington have been revived today. They may have some plausibility, given the general exodus from West Brom. The price could be as high as £4m and whether that is affordable is uncertain as Charlton supremo Peter Varney is rightly playing his cards close to his chest.

Commenting on Darren Bent's departure, he stated 'Within the budget we had a valuation for Darren, and as well a fairly substantial payment going to Ipswich there are the losses on the transfer market that have to be met from last season.'

'We're not going to talk about what we are or aren't going to spend because that alerts other people to our budgets, and then they quote those back at you when you contact them about players. This money helps to put the club back to where it should have been and we start again. Our number one priority is to get this club back to the Premier League as soon as we can.'


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