Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lita ban helps relegation rivals

The three match ban imposed on Reading charm merchant Leroy Lita for violent conduct against Talal El Karkouri could actually harm us as the striker will miss the home match against struggling Fulham. It's a shame that controversial referee Graham Poll or one of the so-called 'assistants' didn't see the offence during the match. Perhaps Poll was too busy giving signals to Alan Pardew!

The England Under-21 international was accused of aiming a head-butt at El Karkouri during the goalless draw. The FA acted after viewing video evidence.

Reading manager Steve Coppell remains in denial. He is convinced the footage proved nothing and has defended his striker. He said: 'I have seen it 50 times and I can't see what happened. There was a confrontation but you can't see categorically what happened apart from an incredible reaction.'

'If Leroy was going to butt anyone they wouldn't fall sideways and they probably wouldn't get up. That is the wrong way of looking at it because I don't want to slur Leroy with being that type of person but realistically if he was wanting to cause damage I don't think he (El Karkouri) would have continued the game.'

Even I would have to admit that the Moroccan international does sometimes to have problems with the gravitational pull of the Earth whereas one would expect methane breathing referee Poll to be more affected.


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