Friday, March 02, 2007

Charlton to finish 17th

Charlton will finish 17th in the Premiership with 37 points according to The Times. The points total will be achived by wins against Watford, Wigan, Reading and Sheffield United with a draw at home to Newcastle and away to Everton. But the Addicks will lose away in the north-west to the Massives, Blackburn and Liverpool and also at home to Spurs.

The paper also features the Watford game, but with a Hornets angle. Boothroyd complains that 'Charlton are a far bigger club than us' and states 'I think it's totally unfair - but it's an unfair league and that's how it is.' Read the full story at: Watford

However, Darren Ambrose provides a Charlton perspective:


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