Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Arrival of Dowie brings light relief

The arrival of Iain Dowie at the Ricoh Stadium yesterday brought some light relief to a rather gloomy, overcast day in North Coventry. Dowie burst on to the pitch amid two rather thin lines of dragooned primary school children, mounting a ragged cheer and waving placards praising the new Great Leader.

The Coventry City chairman declared that it was not a good, but a fantastic appointment, Dowie having 'talked the talk' in the interview. Dowie said that although he had talked to the new regime at Leicester City, he had never wanted to go there, but had always wanted to come to Coventry, subsequently talking of 'sweating blood for the Sky Blue shirt.' He plans to get Coventry back into the Premiership which I suppose offsets helping Charlton out of it.

Sky Blue supporters seem rather divided on their forum about their new saviour, although I laughed when one claimed that his 'scientific' training methods would provide a boost. But then the M6 motorway is there for a training run right by he stadium.


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