Sunday, January 28, 2007

Madjid's meandering magic

New Charlton signing Madjid Bougherra is 'the most entertaining defender in the country' according to Owls team-mate Lee Bullen. And he is not referring to japes in the dressing room, but his performance on the pitch.

It could be the most adventurous defensive play seen at The Valley since Sam Bartram with Bougherra renowned in the Championship for his 'extravagant' interpretation of a central defender's role. He is often referred to as an 'overlapping' centre half because of his meandering runs into opposition territory.

His reputation is of an athlete with pace and precision (no Romm then) but one who can be caught out of position because of his speciality for playing his way out of defence and running deep into the opponent's half.

Bullen said, 'There are times when he would be better off kicking the ball into Row Z but Madjid can cause havoc for the other team who don't know what to expect. I'm sure the manager has been tearing his hair out from time to time but if you reined him in you'd be taking a hell of a lot out of his game. Madjid has all the attributes to play at the highest level - pace, physical presence and a great deal of skill.'

With ZZ alongside him, and El K just ahead of them, we could live in interesting times


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