Monday, October 30, 2006

A paradox

Leamington are eight points clear at the top of the Polymac Services Midland Alliance. Yet fans are calling for the head of unpaid manager Jason Cadden. One view is that the former hairdresser turned sports scientist 'has taken us as far as he can and is out of his depth at this level.'

Charlton remain at the bottom of the Premiership, but fans have voiced relatively few complaints about Iain Dowie. In part this because they recognise that he has been dealt a difficult hand. And in part it is because 'we are Charlton' and do not have excessive expectations and favour a revolving door for managers. Which seems the right spirit to me.

What does seem to me to be the case is that although we have some players of real Premiership quality, we do not have enough, particularly when we have injury problems. Consequently the better quality players cannot turn in their best performances. There is also the confidence factor which may help to explain why Darren Bent missed a golden chance to score on Saturday.

Some of our acquisitions are looking promising. Diawara is being hailed as the new Richard Rufus because of his stalwart defending and poor distribution. Verdicts on Reid are more mixed.

It's a massive game against the Massives on Saturday and we need to keep the spirit of unity and hope among the fans.


Blogger Ken J said...

Wyn: I believe you have, once again, hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head.

4:30 PM  
Blogger John Hartnup said...

Wyn, I said "taken us as far as he can and is out of his depth at this level" on the North Bank Banter forum, so I imagine you're quoting me.

I swear to you it was meant to be self-evidently sarcastic. Results are what count, and results we've got.

The comment was meant to remind a few people of the very similar words they were using at the end of last season. They were calling for Cadden's head, and I think they've been proved wrong.

4:53 PM  

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